Zoo Motel

Photo credit : Rafael Esteban Phillips Mallarino

Live online theatre performance*

1:00 (without intermission)

In English, French and Spanish

Sat 29 May
Sun 30 May
Mon 31 May
Tue 1st June
Wed 2nd June
Thu 3rd June
Fri 4 June
Sat 5 June
Sun 6 June
Mon 7 June
The public is invited to an exchange with the artist at the end of each performance.
Regular price / $25 per household Taxes and service fee included

Thaddeus Phillips (Cajicá, Colombia)

Lucky cat trinket aside, don’t expect to find any animals at the Zoo Motel. What this virtual theatre show does have, though, is the deliciously joyful chaos from which it inherited its name. The fun starts an hour before the performance, when a printable PDF file containing your room key, an evacuation map and a sheet of motel stationary is delivered to your email. Once you are “checked in”, let yourself drift into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Thaddeus Phillips plays a motel guest trapped in his room after the door mysteriously vanishes. With inventiveness and whimsy, Phillips uses various objects to whisk us away to Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert and aboard the Titanic, taking us down the rabbit hole with astonishing magic tricks. This uniquely immersive and technically gorgeous giddy phantasmagoria will delight you by the way it seamlessly connects audience and artist.


* Online show on Zoom. You will need a computer/tablet or a smartphone. To avoid any unpleasant surprises during the broadcast, make sure you have a stable and fast internet access.


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