White Out

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Fri 27 May
Sat 28 May
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Sun 29 May
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L'eau du bain (Chelsea (Outaouais) )

Ages 14 and up

A white room on the shore of a black sea. An all-white room where the walls, floor and ceiling blend into one another. In the room sits a large bed with crumpled sheets. Outside, the weather rages. A woman appears in the room.

The world of White Out is loosely inspired by The Malady of Death, a novel by Marguerite Duras. She writes: “There’s nothing left in the room but you. Her body has vanished. The difference between her and you is confirmed by her sudden absence.” White Out finds its source in this moment, when the character notices the absence of their love. The creators wanted to expose this absence, make it resonate, delve into it, show everything that may be lurking in it and how, little by little, it will eventually fade away.

White Out refers to weather conditions—heavy snowstorms and thick sea fog—that cause people to lose their visual bearings and all spatial reference points. In this piece, the effect is recreated with light and sound. White out appears from the opening of the performance, illustrating in a spectacular way the winter of feelings, the abysmal inner emptiness a human being can sink into when the structures of their life collapse because of heartbreak, grief or depression. The result is gripping, hypnotic, and just as gruesome as it is beautiful.

A little girl calms the storm and breaks the woman’s solitude. Who is she? Her daughter? A friend’s daughter? Her younger self visiting her in a dream? Little by little, she brings life back into the room…

A collaboration with Productions Recto-Verso. This piece was originally intended to be presented as part of the performance component of the 23rd Mois Multi, which was canceled due to health restrictions.

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Texte et mise en scène Anne-Marie Ouellet
Son Thomas Sinou
Lumières Nancy Bussières
Interprétation Anne-Marie Ouellet, LiCan-Marie Leduc, Charline Salesse Bergeron, Isaac Salesse Bergeron, Camille Schryburt Cellard et Jeanne Sinou
Scénographie Simon Guilbault
Accessoires et costumes 
Karine Galarneau
Émilie Martz-Kuhn
Assistance à la mise en scène Guillaume Saindon
Simon Guilbeault
Conseils artistiques Clarisse Delatour, Mélanie Dumont et Anne-Marie Guilmaine
Concepteur génératif, développeur TouchDesigner Hugues Caillères/ HUB Studio

Producteur principal
L’eau du bain

Une production de L’eau du bain, en collaboration avec les Productions Recto-Verso, le Département de théâtre de l’Université d’Ottawa, Hexagram-UQAM, l’École supérieure de théâtre, le Théâtre français du CNA. Avec le support du Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec et du Conseil des arts du Canada.
Développé avec le soutien du Fonds national de création du Centre national des Arts.
Le texte a été développé dans le cadre de la Résidence canadienne d’auteur(e)s dramatiques de Gros-Morne 2018, grâce au soutien du Centre des Auteurs Dramatiques (CEAD) et de Playwrights Workshop Montreal (PWM), en partenariat avec Creative Gros-Morne.


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