Rich Kids : A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran

Photo credit : Peter Dibdin

Live online theatre performance*

1:10 (without intermission)

In English with French subtitles

Fri 28 May
Sat 29 May
Sun 30 May
The public is invited to an exchange with the artists following each performance.
Regular price / $25 per household Taxes and service fee included

Javaad Alipoor and Kirsty Housley (Manchester, United Kingdom)

This stage-to-digital adaptation masterfully builds bridges between the little and the big picture, over the colossal gap between the rich and the poor. Iranian-born author Javaad Alipoor and his co-performer Peyvand Sadeghian use the high-speed Porsche crash that killed the son of an influential ayatollah and his girlfriend as a jumping off point. Young members of Tehran’s elite who, like their peers, flaunted their wealth on Instagram—posting larger-than-life parties and lavish shopping sprees—while a large portion of the population struggled to eat.

Performed via YouTube livestream and our personal smartphones, the story told by the duo unfolds in reverse, as we scroll through these ultra-privileged twenty-somethings’ hedonistic Insta feeds. Rich Kids merges form with substance, exposing social media for its complicity in this new era of segregation. Pushing beyond the anecdotal, this study of vacuous consumption, digital culture and the collapse of civilization digs back the past of the Iranian capital and ponders its distant future. What will archaeologists discover in a few thousand years apart from the remains of innumerable shopping centres? A brilliant, instructive, deeply political and profoundly alarming show.


* Online show on Zoom. You will need a computer or tablet AND a smartphone. To avoid any unpleasant surprises during the broadcast, make sure you have a stable and fast internet access.
** It is strongly recommended that you download (in advance) the Instagram app on your smartphone to fully enjoy the experience offered by the artists.


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