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Théâtre Périscope

1:20 (without intermission)

In French and Farsi

Fri 24 May
Sat 25 May
Sun 26 May
Interview with the artists on May 24 after the show.
Regular price / $55 taxes and service fee included

Text and performance Nassim Soleimanpour (Tehran)


During the many years Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour was deprived of a passport, his plays crossed frontiers and travelled the world, seemingly destined to be performed without him forever. Now free of such constraints, Soleimanpour follows his eponymous play NASSIM around the globe as each night, a new actor or actress takes centre stage.

Knowing nothing of the play before hand, he or she discovers the part they will undertake as it unfolds before a live audience. In cahoots with the spectators and guided by the author through a live video feed, he or she simultaneously feels, constructs and unveils the proposed experiment. With this skilfully crafted theatrical stratagem, NASSIM disregards scenic conventions and seeks to establish a delicate and singular connection between performer, audience and director, almost completely redefining all three roles.

In an era of divisiveness and rising xenophobia, the texts—written in French and the author’s native Farsi—tackle themes of exile, immigration and racism, while illustrating the powerful way words forge identities and create bonds between individuals. At once an autobiographical narrative and a philosophical tale, NASSIM is a wonderfully unusual human experiment combining the art of the theatre and the ingenious nature of the word to celebrate the convening power of language.

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With A new performer each show
Direction Omar Elerian
Scenography Rhys Jarman
Sound design James Swadlo
Lighting design Rajiv Pattani
Production management Michael Ager
Stage management Kacey Gritters
Script editors Carolina Ortega et Stewart Pringle
Production Bush Theatre
Nassim Soleimanpour Productions

NASSIM was first commissioned and produced by the Bush Theatre and received its world premiere at the Bush Theatre in London on July 25, 2017, directed by Omar Elerian.

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About Nassim Soleimanpour

Nassim Soleimanpour is from Tehran, Iran. His plays have been translated into more than 30 languages and performed globally in over 50 countries. Best known for his play White Rabbit Red Rabbit, written to travel the world when he couldn’t, his work has been awarded the Dublin Fringe Festival Best New Performance, Summerworks Outstanding New Performance Text Award and The Arches Brick Award (Edinburgh Fringe) as well as picking up nominations for a Total Theatre and Brighton Fringe Pick of Edinburgh Award.

By the time Nassim was permitted to travel for the first time in early 2013, his play White Rabbit Red Rabbit had been performed hundreds of times in more than a dozen languages. Since then Nassim has facilitated workshops and panels in different events including World Theatre Festival (Brisbane), Tolhuistuin (Amsterdam), SESC Vila Mariana (Sao Paulo), Schauspielhaus (Vienna), DPAC (Kuala Lampur), Theatertreffen (Berlin), Grob Theatre (Copenhagen), British Council London and The Bush Theatre (London), University of Bremen (Germany), ISPA (Edinburgh), TATA Litreture (India), FAE (Lima) and etc.

Nassim’s second play Blind Hamlet for the London based Actors Touring Company premiered at The LIFT 2014 and has toured in the UK and was received well in Bucharest and Copenhagen. His third play BLANK  premiered in November 2015 simultaneously in Amsterdam, Utrecht and London and so far has been performed in the UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico, US, Argentina, India, Finland, Denmark and etc.

His most recent play NASSIM produced by the Bush Theatre, London, and directed by Omar Elerian was premiered in August 2017 and won a Fringe First Award. A retrospective of Nassim’s plays was held at the Bush Theatre right afterwards.

Currently based in Berlin, the Iranian playwright is on his world tour with the new self-titled play NASSIM and will be all around the globe for around 200 days in 2018. He also runs his Berlin based company Nassim Soleimanpour Productions as the artistic director.

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In collaboration with The Cultch (Vancouver) and  Citadel Theatre (Edmonton).

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