Little Fun Palace

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OHT [Office for a Human Theatre] (Rovereto, Italy)

The Little Fun Palace is an ephemeral gathering space. A small mobile pavilion. A trailer that travels from city to city, exploring territories, cities, neighbourhoods and the people who live in them.

It is also a tribute to the mythical Fun Palace, a project by architect Cedric Price and director Joan Littlewood, who wanted to create a “university of the streets” and “a laboratory of fun” in 1960s London.

This multi-configuration meeting space conceived in 2018 by the Italian companyOHT [Office for a Human Theatre] will be active over the next few months in cities like Montreal, Gaspé, Le Bic, Sherbrooke, Ottawa and Quebec City. Its mission: defining what connects us, blurring boundaries and celebrating the interstices.

Conferences, discussions, screenings, micro-performances: all activities that weave the fabric of eclectic meetings between artists, citizens, activists and researchers. Every location visited will have its own program, curated by local commissioners, notably Émile Beauchemin with the support of Isabelle Carpentier for Quebec City.

Details will be released in the coming weeks!



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