Imaginarium – POESIS 3

Photo credit : Martin Frederic Daigle

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0:15 (without intermission)

In French or English

Fri 28 May
Sat 29 May
Sun 30 May

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François Grisé (Montreal)

This is not a play. Shall we refer to it as a relational art performance piece? Complicated name, simple concept: François Grisé holding one-on-ones on a patio glider—not unlike those you’d find in the courtyard of a retirement home. Rather than the usual small talk about the weather you’d expect in such a setting, each interviewee is served 13 questions about memory, their relationship to their body, family, old age, death. Plumbing the depths of human experience tends to shed a revelatory light on one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. For us as an audience, and certainly for the artist—who has been collecting these testimonies for a few years in preparation for his documentary play about aging in our society: Tout inclus.

On the wooden frame that houses the interview glider, a video montage highlights previous answers from other anonymous participants. Delicately, without any fuss, intimacy blooms in a public space. Even though some of the questions may tug at our heartstrings, the tone remains lighthearted. Ultimately, philosophizing with Grisé will allow you to experience an all too elusive state of being: the acute awareness of being alive.


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