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Théâtre Le Diamant

1:30 (without intermission)

In French

Thu 27 May
Fri 28 May
Sat 29 May
14:00 19:00

Regular price / $40 Taxes and service fee included

Maxime Beauregard-Martin, François Bernier and Hubert Lemire (Montreal)

The bread baking craze, the toilet paper shortage, unicorn birthday cakes, the CERB, emergency hair colour kits, vegetable gardens, latent alcoholism, dinner parties over Zoom, 5 p.m. press conferences … but also, despair, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, people dying without their loved ones by their side. To kick off this edition of the Carrefour, we thought it fitting to look back on this past year. Because who doesn’t need a little drama catharsis therapy in their lives right now?

This audio performance piece—which requires audience members to wear headphones—pumps personal stories from the pandemic straight into our ears and hearts. A nurse, a community worker, a teenager, an Olympic athlete, a grandmother in a retirement home … their experiences and pain reminding us of our own, bringing us together although we remain six feet apart. A voice inviting us to confess and cast out our demons: “Who else here felt guilty for not volunteering? Who else here daydreamed of throwing their kids out the window? Raise your hand.” Scanning the room and realizing we truly are all in this together. Collective vulnerability. Shared aloneness. “It’s going to be okay?” After this, it might just be a bit more okay.


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