Digressions et autres détours avant de jouer

Théâtre La Bordée

6:00 (with intermission)

In French

Sat 25 May
Sun 26 May
Interview with the artists on May 25 after the show.
Regular price / $55 taxes and service fee included

By and with Eve Bonfanti and Yves Hunstad (Brussels)

Eve Bonfanti and Yves Hunstad are the co-creating force responsible for numerous deeply inventive and convention-shattering theatrical productions. They are presenting us this year with a part film part theatre invitation to get up close and personal. Allowing us to witness the unpredictable nature of their creative process and their private dialogues, they’ll reveal moments of intimacy and fragility along the way.

The production is twofold. Part 1: the screening of the film Le plaisir du désordre, a documentary directed by Christian Rouaud about the first three years of research, writing and rehearsals for their previous show L’heure et la seconde. During intermission, an aperitif will be served.

Part 2: the play Digressions et autres détours avant de jouer, in continuity of the film. Our two protagonists, now on stage, carry on with the daring elaboration of their show: the premiere is coming up in a few days and will be the opening act of a major contemporary theatre festival. The challenge is formidable and time is ticking away…

In this delightfully subversive blurring of the lines between fiction and reality, Bonfanti and Hunstad intertwine poetry and humour with remarkable finesse. With the audience as its artistic accomplice for the night, the show will culminate in a stunningly unexpected grand theatrical finale.

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Documentary Christian Rouaud
Concept, text et interpretation Eve Bonfanti and Yves Hunstad
Song Lola Bonfanti
Voice of the child Moïno Bonfanti
Lights and sound Léonard Clarys
Direction of actors Monique Cappeau
Artistic participation Gaetan van den Berg
Diffusion Laurence Fabre (Drôles de Dames)
Production La Fabrique Imaginaire
With the support of CIRCA Auch, de la Villette Résidence d’artistes-Paris, du théâtre des Doms Résidence d’artistes-Avignon, du théâtre Aghja, Résidence d’artistes-Ajaccio.

Thanks to Simonne Moesen, Etienne Vanderbelen and Mrs Gendron.

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