Dans la solitude des champs de coton

Caserne Dalhousie

1:10 (without intermission)

In French

Thu 24 May
Fri 25 May
Sat 26 May
15:00 20:00
Sun 27 May

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Brigitte Haentjens (Montreal)

By sheer coincidence, without being able to avoid each other, two men meet in a dark setting, some kind of no man’s land that could either be a vacant lot or a deserted alley. One claims to be a dealer, the other is, therefore, a client. They attempt to make a transaction, the object of which remains mysterious. Like enemies, but also like brothers, protagonists challenge each other. They talk without understanding the other. A struggle for power settles between them, inevitably causing them to tumble towards pain, confrontation, and violence.

They engage in a verbal and physical confrontation without mercy where words and bodies provoke, collide, dodge, repel and embrace. At the center of their sulphurous duel, life and death impulses merge. As if trampled by a wild desire that can never be expressed clearly. What if it was all about merchandising this desire? What if their mutual carnal appetite was precisely the object of this transaction?

Carried on stage by Brigitte Haentjens’ acute sensibility, Dans la solitude des champs de coton deploys a vertiginous body and language score. Two heavy and incisive monologues intertwine and collide, constantly refusing each other. Preserving a breathless tension between words and beings, Koltès makes use of the speech like a firearm you unload. His musical language, mysterious, subversive and unforgiving, Hugues Frenette and Sébastien Ricard embody it masterfully, delivering it in one common breath, with absolutely brilliant acting performances.

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Text Bernard-Marie Koltès
Director Brigitte Haentjens
With Hugues Frenette and Sébastien Ricard
Assistant Director and Stage Manager Jean Gaudreau
Dramaturgy Mélanie Dumont
Set Design Anick La Bissonnière
Music Bernard Falaise
Lights Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Costumes Julie Charland assisted by Yso
Makeup and hairstyle Angelo Barsetti
Sound system Frédéric Auger
Collaboration in the movement Mélanie Demers and Anne-Marie Jourdenais
Tour Team Christian Gagnon and Éric Le Brec’h
Technical Director Jérémi Guilbault Asselin
Production Manager Sébastien Béland
Administrative Director Xavier Inchauspé

Production SIBYLLINES, in co-production with the NAC French Theatre.

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