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Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…?

Each year the walk-through experience of Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…? leads thousands of spectators into unlikely places, plunging them into unique and extraordinary worlds.
An original creation by Carrefour international de théâtre, presented by the City of Québec, Où tu vas... has been part of the brand image of the Old Capital since 2009 and is one of Quebec City's major artistic and cultural events.

In french - Welcome to those who don't speak French! A knowledge of French is not necessary to enjoy this very visual production.

Thu 23 May
Fri 24 May
Sat 25 May
Thu 30 May
Fri 31 May
Sat 1st June
Thu 6 June
Fri 7 June
Sat 8 June

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In March 2019, we will unveil the locations of the next route and the artists who will design the next 5 creations. In the meantime, follow our news on Facebook and Instagram.

Meanwhile, review the images of the 2017-2018 route on Parliament Hill, made by Quantum Images!

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Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…? – 5 creations :

Les nervures secrètes – Marie-Josée Bastien
Courtyard of the Édifice Marie-Guyart

This performer, author and director who dreamed of participating as a creator brings colour and poetry to an architectural space that is both impressive and little-known.

La souricière – Christian Lapointe 
Jacques-Parizeau Street

Author, director, actor and pedagogue, this is Christian Lapointe’s first involvement with Où tu vas… Inspired by the toponymy and history of the site entrusted to him, he offers the public an immersive and sensorial experience focusing on the political demonstrations that took place here over the years.

Le 7e continent – Élène Pearson 
Louis-Alexandre Taschereau Street

Scenographer and multidisciplinary artist Élène Pearson, whose beautiful costumes are regularly featured on Québec stages, creates a visual and auditory universe made entirely from recycled materials.

Mouvement perpétuel – Sophie Thibeault and Maxime Robin
Promenade des Premiers-Ministres

Sophie Thibeault (performer) and Maxime Robin (performer, director and author) have both participated in Où tu vas… as performers. As creators, they present a hymn to life, inspired by the metaphor of the four seasons applied to the stages of life.

La grande manufacture – Giorgia Volpe
Parc de l’Amérique-Française

Visual artist Giorgia Volpe features women of all origins, linked by their involvement in a manual activity, whether it be their profession or their passion. Evoking Québec’s history as a manufacturing centre, the Brazilian-born artist takes a sensitive look at the transmission of know-how and the mixing of cultures in Québec society.


The creators behind Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…? 2017-2018

Alexandre Fecteau – Artistic Coordinator
With the collective Nous sommes ici, of which he has been the artistic director since its foundation, director and author Alexandre Fecteau created L’ÉtapeChanging RoomLa Date then Le NoShow, which earned him the Prix Oeuvre de l’année Capitale-Nationale from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. He was also the recipient of the prestigious John Hirsch Prize in 2013. He has directed numerous productions with Théâtre du Trident and Théâtre de la Bordée.
A proponent of in situ creation, in addition to participating in two editions of Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant…?, he created La folle foire for the opening of the Pavillon Pierre-Lassonde of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and directed Transit, the most recent production of Flip Fabrique.

Marie-Josée Bastien – Les nervures secrètes
Director, performer and author, Marie-Josée Bastien is also the artistic director of Théâtre Niveau Parking and a member of Théâtre Les Enfants Terribles. Very involved in the theatre community, she has taught at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec since 1997 and at various theatre schools in the province of Québec.
Marie-Josée Bastien is a multiple recipient of the Prix de la meilleure mise en scène – Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture. In addition, she won the Critics Award in 2012 for her interpretation of Noëlla in Temps by Wajdi Mouawad. She has directed thirty plays (GloucesterMacbethl’ÉveilAct of GodHamlet) and performed in over fifty theatrical productions and creations in Québec and Europe. She is also the award winning author of fifteen plays.

Christian Lapointe – La souricière
Author, director, actor and pedagogue, Christian Lapointe is the author of a play cycle collectively titled Théâtre de la disparition. Since 2007, his works have been a regular feature in the programs of Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec, the National Arts Centre and Festival TransAmériques, where he gave a 70-hour performance on the works of Antonin Artaud in 2015. He is a resident of Quebec City where he is co-director of Théâtre Blanc. He is also a professor at the École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQÀM.

Élène Pearson – Le 7e continent 
Scenographer and multidisciplinary artist, Élène Pearson has taught at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec since 1995. She won the Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture for costume design in 2013 for Ionesco’s Rhinocéros and in 2014 for Molière’s Le Bourgeois gentilhomme. She also designed costumes, hairstyles and sets for Le chemin qui marche, presented during Quebec City’s 400th anniversary celebrations.
She is chief make-up artist with the Opéra de Québec and has worked with numerous theatre companies. She is also a talented painter, illustrator, and creator and has worked with various event production companies.

Sophie Thibeault and Maxime Robin – Mouvement perpétuel

Maxime Robin
A graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema and the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec, Maxime has directed Iphigénie en autoViande (Meilleur spectacle de la relève – Première Ovation 2014) Photosensibles(Meilleure mise en scène – Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture 2015) and La chatte sur un toit brûlant, which won the Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture and the Critics Award. He also co-authored La Date and Le NoShow, presented in Quebec City, Montreal and Europe. Maxime is artistic director and co-founder of La Vierge folle which presents the annual Contes à passer le temps event each holiday season.

Sophie Thibeault
Sophie Thibeault graduated from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 2007 and has performed in a wide variety of productions, notably in youth theatre and summer theatre. She played the leading role in La Chatte sur un toit brûlant at Théâtre de la Bordée and in Lapin lapin at Théâtre du Trident. At Premier Acte she was featured in La Date, Charme and La Trilogie de Belgrade, the latter earning her a nomination for a Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture. She collaborated with Daniel Danis on Yukie and with Alexandre Fecteau on Le NoShow.
She was artistic coordinator for La folle foire at the opening of the Pavillon Pierre-Lassonde of the MNBAQ and is co-director of the Quebec City Pride Festival.

Giorgia Volpe – La grande manufacture 
Born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Giorgia Volpe has lived and worked in Quebec City since 1998. A visual artist with 25 years of experience, she has participated in over 150 group and individual expositions and numerous artist residencies both here and abroad. She won the Prix du Jury du Concours d’art public Paysage Éphémère in Montreal in 2007. She has exhibited her works at the Manif internationale d’art de Québec, Orange, the Biennale de Design in St-Étienne (France), the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University, MSVUAG in Halifax, the Musée du Bas Saint-Laurent, The Rooms in St. Johns, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), the MNBAQ and the MAC in Sao Paulo.

Featured in the Press

Tout le parcours est une image poétique du monde, mais aussi une réflexion politique et sociale. Il appelle à réfléchir sur la vie, l’humain, la société… mais surtout, il se ressent, se vit.

Marrie E. Bathory

Monmontcalm.com, 29 mai 2017

Lieux de rencontres fascinants, humains, inusités, émouvants et qui bousculent, la nouvelle mouture du spectacle déambulatoire Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant...? est à nouveau une merveilleuse réussite.

Yves Leclerc

Le Journal de Québec, 29 mai 2017

Grandiosement kitsch, immensément vivant, renversant, surprenant, majestueusement esthétique, impressionniste, poétique : on multipliera les qualificatifs sans jamais s’approcher d’une description qui convient vraiment.

Sylvie Isabelle

Montheatre.qc.ca, 26 mai 2017

On a souvent navigué entre la beauté, l’étrangeté et l’effervescence, cette année l’ironie et une dimension sociale se sont incorporées au mélange qu’on traverse en noctambule, en voguant d’une étincelle à l’autre.

Josianne Desloges

JEU, Revue de théâtre, 26 mai 2017

Ensorcelé et ravi, on déambule au pays du temps suspendu.

Josianne Desloges

JEU, revue de théâtre, 25 mai 2015

Plus qu’une fabuleuse idée, Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant s’impose d’année en année comme un rite de passage qui abolit toute frontière entre la rue et la scène, l’intime et le social, soi et l’autre.

Sylvie Nicolas

Le Devoir, 29 mai 2012

Peu importe le temps qu'il fera ce soir ou demain, habillez-vous chaudement car il faut ABSOLUMENT aller voir Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant, en ayant les yeux, les oreilles et l'esprit grands ouverts.

Denise Martel

Le Journal de Québec, 27 mai 2011

Une fête pour les sens Il flottait dans l’atmosphère une humeur bon enfant, des fous rires, des éclats de voix, de l’étonnement et, surtout, du ravissement. Il s’agit d’expérience absolument formidable qui nous permet d’envisager la cité d’une façon totalement différente! “Quel party!” comme disait un des participants. Ou plutôt, une nuit magique...

Éric Moreault

Le Soleil, 29 mai 2010


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