Hands to touch, take, offer, caress, push, hold back, make a sign, greet, hands to give and to receive…

Hands that talk, dance, walk; hands that work, dig, build, count, sort, organize, match, collect, distribute, sew, juggle, write, draw, mime, fight, film; hands that sculpt the space, play the guitar…

Hands that applaud, hold other hands, leave a like with a thumbs up, type, click send, publish, book, buy, comment, like, share.

Hands that link us to one another, link our being to the world.

Every day of our life we deal with this world. Every day we carry out transactions of all kinds. We give some of ourselves and we receive something else in return. We do so by creating, communicating, buying, selling, contributing, recycling, transforming, exchanging and sharing. These transactions are quite real, not virtual.

What we are actually giving is our trust. We trust. We invest. We risk. We reach out a hand.

If your hand has led you here, it must be because you want to see a show, or many shows. Already, you will have to make at least one transaction… The walkthrough show may be free, but it requires you to walk!

Now, get your fingers walking and take a stroll through the program. The artists are reaching a hand out to you with their hearts wide open to share their worlds. And the selection is not lacking. You can even find… a seven-fingered hand! They are actually eight, but well…

Reunion or discovery, revisited classics, contemporary repertoire, circus married to dance and theater, creations flirting with performance, live movie, participative shows, docufiction, autofiction, variety; readings, laboratories, conferences, discussions, meetings… around many concerns such as political, economic, social, environmental and historical; all current, relevant and viewed from an inventive angle, convivial, humorous, sensible, fun and poetic.

For sharing from hand to hand.

Marie Gignac

Directrice artistique

We have quite the Festival for you

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