Photo credit : Stéphane Bourgeois

Premier Acte

In French

Tue 4 June

Regular price / Voluntary contribution

LA SERRE – arts vivants residency (Montreal)

Close the door, put your keys on the table, your hooves through my mane, your whip on my flanks, your loins against mine. The poney boys are in a constant state of fusion, attracting then rejecting each other, following their own fleeting desires. And how did you get stuck in a cyclical game of domination and submission of mythical resonance with your best bro? (This happens more often than you think.)

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Choreography Audrée Lewka
With David Emmanuel Jauniaux, Guillaume Danielewski
Outside look Pierre-Luc Lapointe
Production manager David Emmanuel Jauniaux
Technical and Stage Management Sylvie Nobert
Lighting design Sylvie Nobert, Lee Anholt
Costume design Audrée Lewka
Repeater Emmalie Ruest
Creative residencies José Navas, Tangente, LA SERRE – arts vivants

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