Le crâne évite l’asphalte

Photo credit : Stéphane Bourgeois

Premier Acte

1:15 (without intermission)


Sun 2nd June

Regular price / Voluntary contribution

Writer and director Marc-Antoine Marceau (Quebec)

Joëlle has always been a rule follower. So proper. So well-behaved. Years of pent-up disappointment, anger and sadness form a dark cloud over her head… but so far so good. And then one day her perfect facade suddenly comes crashing down.

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Writer and director Marc-Antoine Marceau
With Olivier Arteau, Ariane Bellavance-Fafard, Frédérique Bradet, Ariel Charest, Samuel Corbeil, Rosalie Daoust, Jean-Michel Déry, Nicola-Frank Vachon, Jack Robitaille
Sound design Devil Dandy
Video design Emile Beauchemin
Stage and lighting design Maude Groleau
Cartoonist Julien Dallaire-Charest

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